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Handbook of Religions - Handbuch der Religionen (HdR)
The reference work for science and practice
Online edition available through HARRASSOWITZ
The Handbook of Religions (HdR) is a leading periodical for the communication of the structures, processes, determinants, and realities of the religious landscape in the German-speaking world. The online edition, now available in the Nomos eLibrary, is available through HARRASSOWITZ.

The handbook offers library users at universities, colleges, institutions, and government agencies convenient and professional access with targeted research options by topic. Scientifically based orientational know-how is complemented by information on new developments and constantly updated new publications.

Published as a peer-reviewed journal, the reference work provides sound knowledge on the entire range of topics related to religious traditions and, as an interdisciplinary, non-dogmatic work, is an indispensable part of today's scholarly discourse on religions. The HdR has proven its practical usefulness in the field of interreligious dialogue and and has become indispensable for teachers’ training as well as adult education and the following disciplines: Religious Studies, Theology, Sociology, Psychology, Educational Science and Social Pedagogy.

The handbook was founded in 1997 by Michael Klöcker and Udo Tworuschka. Since summer 2018, the HdR has been published by Westarp Science Fachverlag. Ever since, not only has digitization been advanced, but the internationalization of the work has also begun.
Price Information
HAR Title ID
Database; Westarp Science, Hohenwarsleben; 
Provider: Nomos eLibrary

The HdR currently has an extent of 12 volumes with about 9500 pages (as of March 2023). Four supplements with approx. 180 pages each are published annually. The online edition is available via unlimited multi-user licenses/campus licenses.

In addition to their German title, all articles are accompanied by an English translation as well as German and English abstracts and keywords for each article.

Multi-user license/campus license for large libraries/universities
  • Price for basic edition: 1,980.00 EUR
  • Continuation price per year: 1,280.00 EUR 

Multi-user license/campus license for smaller libraries/universities of applied sciences
  • Price for basic edition: 1,580.00 EUR
  • Continuation price per year: 1,280.00 EUR

Terms and conditions of Nomos eLibrary can be found here.
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About Westarp and the Nomos eLibrary
Westarp Science Fachverlag conveys scientific knowledge with its non-fiction and reference books in order to promote knowledge acquisition and dialog based on facts. With its wide-ranging publishing program, Westarp Science Fachverlag acts as an intermediary between science and society, helping to present complex issues in a way that is easy to understand for the general public and is closely networked with the scientific community. Contacts with scientists at numerous universities and research institutions enable the publisher to produce first-class publications by competent authors.

The Nomos eLibrary is a publisher-owned platform of Nomos Verlag, giving access to the scientific program, textbooks, and English-language commentaries while primarily geared to the needs of scientific libraries and their users. The bilingual platform is now also used by other specialist publishers.
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