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Home Subscriptions
Standing Orders
Approval Plans
Music Scores
Renewal Season has arrived!
As in past years, HARRASSOWITZ is pleased to offer two methods of managing your renewals: Online Renewal Management in Fokus and the Annual Renewal Spreadsheet. 

If you have no changes to your subscription list, you can simply contact us by email and instruct us to renew all.
Your customer code: Musterfirma GmbH
Please note that any price increase factors are only estimates based on current analysis and may not reflect the actual reality of the market in the weeks and months to come. We trust we have your understanding in this regard and will convey any updated information as quickly and accurately as possible.

Thank you for renewing your subscriptions with HARRASSOWITZ!
Renewal Instructions for 2024
Online Renewal Management
Online Renewal Management is a tool in Fokus that allows you to view your library's entire renewal list in real time and instantly submit your renewal instructions to HARRASSOWITZ. The feature will become live on or about June 1.

HARRASSOWITZ strongly encourages the use of Online Renewal Management. Not only does the system provide the features listed below, but it also allows you to send your renewal instructions in batches, so that those renewals and cancellations that are sent to HARRASSOWITZ early can be processed “ahead of the rush.”

In addition, Online Renewal Management streamlines the process to move print subscriptions to electronic. Wherever multiple subscription options are available, there is a link below the title display labeled “Show all subscription options”. Should you wish to renew as online-only, simply choose this option in the specify instructions tab and make any notes to HARRASSOWITZ in the designated field.

Online Renewal Management provides the following:
  • An expenditure summary, showing the amounts that have been specified for renewal and for cancellation, to assist you in meeting your budget targets
  • Real-time display of title information as it is received by HARRASSOWITZ, including up-to-date prices and publisher and title changes
  • Display of complete title and order details
  • Display of package components
  • Display of all available subscription options for a title
  • Ability to limit the list by customer code, fund, medium, and other criteria, to work on portions of the list
  • Display of the coverage dates included in a current subscription to an online resource, for many of the larger publishers (this is the publisher’s default coverage, taken from the publisher’s public announcements. Individually negotiated agreements may differ.)
  • Display of post-cancellation access rights for online resources, for many of the larger publishers (this is the publisher’s default post-cancellation access, taken from the publisher’s public announcements. Individually negotiated agreements may differ.)
  • Ability to re-submit renewal instructions for subscriptions that were submitted to HARRASSOWITZ with the renewal instruction “Place renewal on hold”
  • Usage statistics for all online titles for the past three years, for those libraries that subscribe to the HARRASSOWITZ E-Stats service. Downloads from Counter 4 release are displayed as "Total item requests".

If you have not already done so, please contact service@harrassowitz.de if you wish to request activation of Online Renewal Management for your Fokus account. Even if your account is activated, you may still opt to use the renewal spreadsheet instead, but please don’t mix the two.
Annual Renewal Spreadsheet
The Annual Renewal Spreadsheet will soon be sent to all HARRASSOWITZ subscription customers that have not already opted to use Online Renewal Management.

This will arrive in the form of an e-mail explaining the renewal process for subscription year 2024, with a link to the spreadsheet showing all current subscriptions with columns added where you may indicate your renewal instructions. The subject line of the e-mail will be "HARRASSOWITZ Renewal List – please read.” If you receive this e-mail message and you are not the correct contact person for renewals, please forward it to the correct person. If your library has not received the renewal e-mail by June 30, please contact service@harrassowitz.de so that we may be sure that you receive it.

If you are currently converting print subscriptions to electronic, we would be happy to supply you with a Current Subscriptions List with Media Options. This management report shows all current options for ordering electronic formats with pricing when available. The Current Subscriptions List with Media Options is also available in real-time in your Fokus account. As always, we are happy to assist in any way.

Customers that have already asked to be activated for Online Renewal Management will not receive the Annual Renewal Spreadsheet.
Best practices
Whichever method you use, HARRASSOWITZ has the following suggestions and requests:

  • If you have minimal or no changes, simply inform us by writing to service@harrassowitz.de.
  • To estimate 2024 pricing, we advise a 5.5% inflation rate for all titles. In Online Renewal Management, this projected increase is built into the “estimated price.”
  • Please submit your renewal instructions before September 1, 2023. If you need an extension to this date, please contact service@harrassowitz.de.
  • Subscriptions on “renew until forbid" status, in the absence of any renewal instructions by September 1, will be renewed as currently on record.
  • HARRASSOWITZ will renew subscriptions on “annual renewal” status only upon receipt of specific renewal instructions for 2024.
  • Where cancellations are received after subscriptions have been renewed, credits are issued only after a refund has been received from the publisher, less any service charges already billed.
  • Any changes to current or upcoming consortial arrangements or packages should be sent to service@harrassowitz.de.
  • Please check and update your FTE count and IP ranges in Fokus under the Institutional Profile tab.
  • HARRASSOWITZ supports management of Open Access content and can offer flexible invoicing for OA agreements. In addition you can also use the “Discover” pulldown on the Fokus entry page to identify "Read & Publish" and "Subscribe to Open" options offered by publishers. As always, we are happy to assist in any way.

HARRASSOWITZ welcomes feedback on the renewal process and looks forward to working with you during the 2024 subscription season. If you have any questions, please contact service@harrassowitz.de or your Regional Sales Manager.
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