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While preparing for the Frankfurter Buchmesse, please have a look at the works of Jon Fosse, this year's Nobel Prize Laureate “for his innovative plays and prose which give voice to the unsayable”.

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2023  
Organ Cinema  
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The Nobel Prize in Literature 2023
Jon Fosse, a Norwegian poet, playwright and novelist is the 2023 Laureate.
  Jon Fosse picture  
As the Nobel Prize Committee states "in his radical reduction of language and dramatic action, he expresses the most powerful human emotions of anxiety and powerlessness in the simplest everyday terms. It is through this ability to evoke man’s loss of orientation, and how this paradoxically can provide access to a deeper experience close to divinity, that he has come to be regarded as a major innovator in contemporary theatre."

Jon Fosse's works have been selected by HARRASSOWITZ for our Scandinavian Approval Plans. If you are interested to find out more about his works, please find all bibliographic information in Fokus, the HARRASSOWITZ system for acquisition and management of scholarly resources. We will also make sure to add any new titles by Jon Fosse or new editions of his works in the future.
Recent works by Jon Fosse
Fosse, Jon
I svarte skogen inne : skodespel
HAR ID 235007602 • ISBN 978-82-340-0733-0
Oslo : Samlaget, 2023
83 pages ; 20 cm

Fosse, Jon
Kvitleik : forteljing
HAR ID 235000850 • ISBN 978-82-340-0981-5
Oslo : Samlaget, 2023
71 pages ; 20 cm
Available Complete Editions
Fosse, Jon
Septologien, Volumes I - VII
Oslo : Samlaget, 2019-2021

Fosse, Jon
Teaterstykke, Volumes 1 - 5
Oslo : Samlaget, 1999-2016
Organ Cinema
Dive into a captivating realm where the grandeur of the pipe organ and the beauty of its music come to life on screen!
HARRASSOWITZ is a proud distributor of Organ Cinema, an ever-expanding filmed encyclopedia of the pipe organ and its music curated by Fugue State Films, in collaboration with the esteemed Royal College of Organists (RCO). Access more than 200 films, with more being added each year. Experience a journey that delves deep into the history, repertoire, and soul-stirring melodies of the pipe organ, all captured in the highest quality.

The award-winning English production company Fugue State Films stands at the forefront of crafting academically rigorous cinematic documentaries that illuminate the rich history and music of the pipe organ. With a passion for authenticity and a commitment to excellence, their work is acclaimed for its outstanding quality and innovation.

Discover the Diversity of Pipe Organ
Every pipe organ carries a unique story and character. Every organ is different. Every country and every age has its own tradition of organ building.
Organ Cinema transports aspiring musicians, students, and enthusiasts alike to the finest examples of historically and culturally significant instruments, even if in the most isolated or far-flung destinations. All are available at the click of a mouse. The films unlock a window into the world of these majestic instruments, fostering a deep appreciation for their individuality and role in music history.

Unveiling Historical and Cultural Context
For students who may not yet have had the opportunity to travel to these remarkable instruments, Organ Cinema is a gateway to the complete historical and cultural context of the organ repertoire, the stories behind the music, the instruments, and the eras they hail from.
Available options and order information
Organ Cinema is available in the following options:

Site-wide Online Access to all existing titles
  • Annual subscription (HAR title ID: ORG119025)
  • One time purchase plus annual hosting fee (HAR title ID: ORG119070)

Site-wide Online Access to all existing titles 
including new titles added throughout the subscription year

All prices available upon request.

For more information or to request a quote, please visit Fokus, the HARRASSOWITZ system for acquisition and management of scholarly resources or contact service@harrassowitz.de.
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