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With The Altzenbachs of Cologne, HARRASSOWITZ brings together for the first time all known popular prints published by the Altzenbach firm in Cologne from approximately 1609 to 1680. The wealth of visual material compiled in this catalogue offers scholars an unparalleled view of early modern print trade and provides opportunities for new avenues of study.
Located in the bastian of Catholicism on the Lower Rhine, the Altzenbachs specialized in devotional prints for the local market as well as for the large number of pilgrims who visited the religious sites in Cologne, Trier, and Aachen. At the same time, however, they published prints for a broad market on a variety of secular subjects such as local history, natural events, executions, architecture, allegories, and moral satires.

Efficient tradesmen, the Altzenbachs frequently employed leading printmakers of the time but many of the prints were also made by anonymous artists, who routinely copied the works of noted Dutch, Flemish, and French printmakers. Over 550 of their prints survive in more than 120 collections in Europe and North America. This visual material is a multi-faceted primary resource that offers unique and telling insights into the cultural world of the seventeenth century.
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John Roger Paas
The Altzenbachs of Cologne
Early Modern German print publishers :
popular prints of the seventeenth century

HAR Title ID 205013512 ISBN-13 978-3-447-11487-5

Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, 2020 Germany. - English
2 volumes (1100 pages) : illustrations ; 27 cm

EUR 748.00 (retail price)
EUR 598.00 (introductory price valid until June 30, 2021)
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