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Beethoven Complete Edition
Prepare your collection for the upcoming Beethoven Year...
... and benefit from the current prices when purchasing the Beethoven Complete Edition volumes, before they are raised in May.

In the wake of the upcoming 250th anniversary, celebrating Ludwig van Beethoven's birthday in 2020, the Beethoven collected works edition is getting closer to its completion.

The Beethoven Complete Edition is edited by the Beethoven Archive in Bonn as well as by Beethoven scholars from all around the world. The first volume appeared in 1961. The edition will comprise 56 volumes, about 42 of which have already been published.

It is possible to obtain each volume individually or as standing order through HARRASSOWITZ (Harrassowitz Series ID BEE0502). Since the publisher will increase prices for all publications by May 1st by 6%, we would now like to offer you the opportunity to purchase the edition for the current rate valid until April 30, 2019.

For further information please download the publication schedule here, or visit the publisher's website:
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Order Information
Please order through your normal library channels or contact service@harrassowitz.de for more information.

Detailed citation information on the individual volumes of this edition may be found in OttoEditions, HARRASSOWITZ's online system for managing book and music score acquisitions. For further information and to order the series, please log into your Fokus account. To obtain an OttoEditions or Fokus account for your library, please contact service@harrassowitz.de.

We hope you will find our selection to be of interest for your music collection and look forward to hearing from you in regard to this announcement.

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