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The Nobel Prize in Literature 2019
The Nobel Prize in Literature 2019 was awarded to Peter Handke
"for an influential work that with linguistic ingenuity has explored the periphery
and the specificity of human experience."

The choice of the Austrian playwright and novelist with Slovenian roots has been received with mixed feelings. Media and critics have been discussing the controversy due to the author’s debatable political statements, as for instance on the war in former Yugoslavia.

The committee’s decision in Oslo presents Handke as one of the most important writers of contemporary literature ever since he published his first book in 1966.

Peter Handke’s works have been on the core list of HARRASSOWITZ’ Belles Lettres Program since it was introduced in 1994. Please click here for a full list:
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Die Peter Handke Bibliothek
in 14 Bänden
Peter Handke

HAR ID 170208559 • 978-3-518-42781-1
Erste Abteilung, Band 1-9:
Prosa, Gedichte, Theaterstücke, Filmerzählungen

9 volumes : some illustrations ; 21 cm
EUR 198.00

HAR ID 170208731 • 978-3-518-42782-8
Zweite Abteilung, Band 1-2: Aufsätze
2 volumes : some illustrations ; 21 cm
EUR 68.00

HAR ID 170208738 • 978-3-518-42783-5
Dritte Abteilung, Band 1-3: Journale
3 volumes : some illustrations ; 21 cm
EUR 89.00

Berlin : Suhrkamp Verlag, 2018
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HAR ID 180623837 • 978-3-8296-0853-4

Peter Handke : Zeichnungen / mit einem Essay von Giorgio Agamben ; aus dem Italienischen von Marianne Schneider

München : Schirmer Mosel, <2019>
140 pages : many color illustrations ; 27 cm

EUR 39.80
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