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Bärenreiter introduces Masterpieces of Italian Opera, a new series that meets the longtime demand of a critical edition of the most popular and significant works of today's Italian operatic repertoire.
Few are aware that works performed today may have been amended many times since they were originally composed. Thus, performers and scholars often find it impossible to discern the original from later versions of the composition.

Masterpieces of Italian Opera restores the authoritative versions of some of the most significant works on the basis of all relevant sources and the latest research. The series commences with a set of four operas; additional volumes are planned.

Masterpieces of Italian Opera also allows for the performance of alternative, historically coherent versions via materials provided in appendices. Each volume contains, in English and Italian, an historical introduction, a description of the sources, and a discussion of performance issues. The Critical Commentary will be available in English on the Bärenreiter website.
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The first volumes of the series
HAR Title ID: MAS1188 (Series)

HAR ID 205010586979-0-006-54363-2
Ruggero Leoncavallo: Pagliacci
1 score (lxxx, 311 pages), cloth, 33 cm
EUR 396.00

HAR ID 205010587 BA 7649-01
Pietro Mascagni: Cavalleria Rusticana
1 score, cloth, 33 cm

HAR ID 205010588BA 8747-01
Gaetano Donizetti: Caterina Cornaro
1 score, cloth, 33 cm

HAR ID 205010589 • BA 7647-01
Domenico Cimarosa: Il matrimonio segreto
1 score, cloth, 33 cm

Kassel : Bärenreiter-Verlag ; 2020-
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